Year: 2017

Why We Use X-Rays And What They Can Reveal

Revealing hidden oral problems at our Bedford dentists. From time to time, our Bedford dentist may take x-rays, either to diagnose a specific problem, or simply to monitor what is happening beneath your gums. Used correctly, x-rays are safe and

When To See The Hygienist?

The importance of our Bedford hygienist’s role should not be underestimated. The majority of people in the UK will see their dentist twice a year for their regular check ups. Whilst some people may choose not to, regular attendance is

Don’t Let Your Dental Care Slip This Christmas

Some things might go out of the window during the holiday period. Make sure that oral care is not one of them! Christmas is just around the corner and will be upon us before we realise it. No doubt, there

Does Dental Care Offer Good Value For Money?

eating an apple with good teeth

Our Bedford dentists looks at the financial aspects of oral health care. Almost everything in life has to be paid for, and dental care is no exception. The training involved, along with regular upgrading and maintenance of (expensive) equipment, means

Dental Implants – Three Components

dental implant

Our Bedford dentist discusses the main parts of a dental implant. We often talk about ‘dental implant placement’ as though this is a single step procedure. However, this is not the case, and a tooth replaced in this manner consists

The Risk To Your Oral Health From Smoking

Our Bedford dentist explains why smoking places your teeth and gums in harm’s way. A daily newspaper recently reported that dentists might provide more information to their patients about the importance of diet and alcohol consumption. Surprisingly, the headline did

Root Canal Treatment

Specialist dentist using a microscope

Taking appropriate care after your procedure As we have mentioned in previous blogs, there is little to be concerned about if you are due to have a root canal procedure and please rest assured that any scare stories you may

Six Monthly Oral Checks And Your General Health

dental check

Detecting potentially serious health issues during regular check ups. The regular six monthly dental check up is a staple of general dental care. It is an excellent opportunity to monitor a patient’s teeth and gums, and to detect any problems

Looking After Your Dental Crown

Keeping your newly restored tooth strong and healthy. At The Dental Centre Bedford, we use tooth crowns (‘caps’) as part of a number of procedures. Most commonly perhaps, a crown is used to restore and strengthen a tooth that has

Periodontology And Dental Implants

The link between gum disease and dental implant placement. Many areas of dentistry overlap. For example, before you have any cosmetic dental treatment, we always make sure that your mouth is in a healthy condition before we perform any procedure