Month: January 2017

What Are The Benefits Of A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

white smiles

Whiter teeth can have a positive impact on your life, in ways that you might not expect. At The Dental Centre Bedford, we see a lot of patients who visit us, unhappy with one or more aspects of their smile.

Helping Ex Smokers Restore Oral Health

eating an apple with good teeth

Rectifying the effects of smoking There used to be a time when almost every adult smoked and it is hard to think back to how that must have been. Fortunately, the reality now is that far fewer people are smoking

Dental Pain Advice For Bedford Patients

Bruxism teeth and jaw pain

Whether minor or severe, dental pain should never be ignored. Sometimes, when a patient comes to our Bedford dentists for their six monthly examination, they tell us that they have had a problem with one of their teeth for some

Cosmetic Dental Ideas For 2017

White smile after cosmetic dentistry

A new look for the new year? Our Bedford dentists can help. So, 2017 is upon us, and whether we have made actual resolutions or not, many of us will be looking to change some aspect of our life in