Month: April 2017

Same Day Crowns And Bridges

CEREC dental milling

No more inconvenient waiting times for our Bedford patients. Dental crowns are often used to restore a tooth that has become badly decayed or broken. They are also used  to complete a root canal procedure or dental implant placement and

What Happens During a ‘Scale and Polish’ at The Dental Centre Bedford?

A closer look at this important dental hygiene procedure. Most of our Bedford dental patients who visit the hygienist at our practice, will have had a ‘scale and polish’ procedure a number of times. Although this may not appear to

The Realities Of Cheap Dental Implants

Why you should think twice before being tempted by cheap dental implant offers. There is no disputing that dental implants are not a cheap way to replace a missing tooth. The cost of materials and the expertise needed to place

Inter-dental Cleaning Options – Advice From Your Local Dentist

Caring for teeth

Keep the gaps between your teeth clean with flossing or inter-dental brushing. It is accepted by most people that regular cleaning of your teeth is essential if you want to have healthy teeth and gums. Whilst most people do perform