Month: July 2017

Post Extraction Care

Dental Centre Bedford

Speed up recovery following a tooth extraction. At The Dental Centre Bedford, it is our aim to always try to save a patient’s teeth wherever possible.There are many procedures available to help us to do this, from general dental fillings

Oral Health Risks During Pregnancy

Advice for mums to be from our Bedford dental team. Finding out that you are expecting a child is usually a time for celebration. Although there can be challenges along the way, the thrill and expectation of adding a new

Safe Dental Implant Placement

Reasons to choose The Dental Centre Bedford for your new implants. It is now widely accepted that dental implants offer one of the best means for replacing a lost or missing tooth. More and more people are looking into this

Travelling Abroad? Some Things To Consider

Dentist at work in Bedford

Get your dental health in order before you leave. If you have already booked a holiday this year, or are planning to do so in the near future, it can be a busy time ahead; making sure passports are up

Hot Weather – Appropriate Dental Care

Dr Nackasha

Taking care of your teeth during periods of hot weather. Although high temperatures may seem quite rare in the UK, they do happen, and when they do, they can last for a few weeks at a time. Even during poor