Month: September 2017

Why We Perform Root Canal Treatment

Dr Joseph Masih in action

Our Bedford endodontist explains this essential procedure. It is always the aim of our team at The Dental Centre Bedford, to preserve a patient’s natural teeth wherever possible and practical. Often this will be done using a relatively minor procedure

Keep your pearly whites bright! 7 tips….

Caring for teeth

Some easy-to-follow advice for our Bedford patients There is little doubt that a nice white smile is usually an attractive smile. It is sometimes even said that people make a decision about us within the first few seconds of meeting;

Considerations For Long Term Tooth Replacement

eating an apple with good teeth

Why dental implants arguably offer the best method to replace missing teeth over the long term. It is probably not surprising that some people are initially deterred by the idea of having dental implants placed. On the face of it,