Month: October 2017

Looking After Your Dental Crown

Keeping your newly restored tooth strong and healthy. At The Dental Centre Bedford, we use tooth crowns (‘caps’) as part of a number of procedures. Most commonly perhaps, a crown is used to restore and strengthen a tooth that has

Periodontology And Dental Implants

The link between gum disease and dental implant placement. Many areas of dentistry overlap. For example, before you have any cosmetic dental treatment, we always make sure that your mouth is in a healthy condition before we perform any procedure

Patient Care In Dental Emergencies

Bruxism teeth and jaw pain

Prompt and effective treatment for Bedford emergency patients A dental emergency can strike at any time, and quite often occurs when we least expect it. Whilst some dental problems, such as tooth decay, can largely be avoided with good cleaning

It’s Never Too Late To Have A Healthier Mouth

Restoring oral health at your local Bedford dentist. We were recently looking at some of our latest Google reviews, which we are always delighted to receive by the way. What struck us was the number of patients who had commented