Month: January 2018

Smoker’s Teeth – Yellow Forever?

Whiter teeth example

Have you stopped smoking? Here’s how to have nice looking teeth again. If you are of a certain age, it is very possible that you smoked during your younger years. With the numerous health warnings since, many will hopefully have

Specialist Dental Care – The Endodontist

Dental microscope

Advanced treatment available at your local Bedford dentist. In addition to providing routine dental care, including checkups, fillings and extractions, along with cosmetic dentistry; we are also pleased to offer our patients the services of our specialist dentists when the

Keeping Teenage Teeth Healthy In Bedford

Team of Bedford dentists

The teen years can be challenging, especially for teeth and gums. As any parent knows, having a teenager is not always fun. As their find their way and place in the world, they inevitably challenge authority figures, and that, of

Can I Put A Knocked Out Tooth Back In?

Dr Nackasha

Attempting to save a natural tooth when it has been knocked out. Thousands of teeth are knocked out each year, both in children and adults. This can happen in a number of ways, perhaps a fall, a play fight amongst

Whiter Teeth For The New Year In Bedford?

Give your smile a boost with our fast acting teeth whitening procedure! Most of us will be going into the new year with some resolutions, or at least a  ‘wish list’ of things that we want to achieve. It is