Month: March 2018

Diabetes And Dental Health – Advice From Your Local Bedford Dentist

Dentist in a surgery

Why diabetics should pay extra attention to their teeth and gums. Whilst many serious illnesses have been eradicated through vaccines and better treatment, each generation seems to suffer from new illnesses, often attributed to lifestyle. Two of today’s most serious

Potential Causes Of Enamel Erosion

Even seemingly innocent habits can damage the protective enamel of our teeth! The enamel part of our teeth is the visible exterior that acts as a protective layer for the more vulnerable inner parts of our teeth. When the enamel

Five Steps To Smoother Skin

Dr Nackasha

Helping our Bedford patients with the latest facial aesthetics treatments. As we become older, our skin will start to develop lines and wrinkles, often spoiling an otherwise healthy complexion. For years, there was very little that could be done about

Cerec Restorations

Producing crowns and bridges onsite makes for speedy treatment. When you need to have a crown fitted, or to replace a missing tooth with a bridge, this usually involves two trips to your local dentist. The first of these is