Month: April 2018

What Happens When A Tooth Dies?

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Root canal treatment – saving infected teeth in Bedford Your teeth are natural living complex structures and not just a solid block of enamel as some people believe. Essentially, there are three parts to a tooth; the external enamel layer,

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Dental Implant Placement?

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Some of the factors affecting who can have this tooth replacement treatment. It is generally now accepted, amongst the dental profession and general public, that implants are perhaps the best method for replacing a missing tooth. They are strong, long

Four Good Reasons To Avoid ‘Off The Shelf’ Teeth Whitening Kits

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…. and how you can benefit from a professional whitening treatment At The Dental Centre Bedford, one of our most popular cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening. A combination of reasonable cost and fast and effective results means that patients

Possible Indicators Of Oral Cancer

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Mouth cancer is increasing – stay vigilant. Perhaps surprisingly, given that smoking amongst the general population is decreasing, oral cancers are on the rise and this is forecast to continue for some time. One possible cause for this is the