Month: May 2018

Cracked Tooth?

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Not all cracks in your teeth are visible but they can still cause problems. Often, when a tooth cracks, we know about it. It can weaken the tooth and a small piece breaks away, or there is a sudden and

Caring Dentistry For The Whole Family In Bedford

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From young to old, oral health care is important throughout our lives. Modern dental care has moved on from that provided to previous generations, and a wide range of procedures are now available to help you have great looking teeth

The Benefits Of White fillings

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Aesthetic and practical advantages of cosmetic fillings available at our Bedford dentist. Nearly everybody will have a dental filling at some point in their life, whether due to decay or a broken tooth. If you have had one, the chances

What Causes An Abscess? Your Bedford Dentist Explains

A tooth or gum abscess can be very painful and needs prompt treatment. An abscess of the tooth or gum happens where there is a local infection, which can be due to a minor injury or even just irritation of