Month: June 2018

How Bone Loss Impacts Dental Implants

dental implant

Why healthy bone is necessary for implant placement, and how bone grafts can help Implant procedures are becoming more routine than ever for replacing a missing tooth. As we have mentioned before, in our Dental Centre Bedford blogs these offer

Is A Healthy Diet Enough To Keep Your Skin Young Looking?

eating an apple with good teeth

Tackling the effects of ageing on our skin in Bedford It can be difficult to determine what actually constitutes a healthy diet. Older people would probably argue that the ‘meat and two veg’ approach worked for them, and, although the

What Is Tartar And Why Does It Matter?

Many patients might be aware of the word, but do you know what it is? There are some dental terms that patients hear us use, that they likely already understand reasonably well. Tartar is one of those words that dentists

Electric Toothbrush Or Standard – Which To Use?

Which is the best type of toothbrush for your teeth? If you have already switched to an electric toothbrush, you may be wondering why so many people stick with the traditional type. Using an electric toothbrush feels much easier and

Four Summer Food And Drinks To Moderate

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The promise of a warm summer ahead could spell trouble for our teeth! It could turn out to be a false promise, but the signs seem to be that we might be in for a hot, or at least warm,