Year: 2021

Potential Dental Pitfalls Of Christmas And The New Year

The festive season can be great fun, but be wary of oral health issues that could arise…. As this is our last blog of 2021, we would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our Bedford patients a

Specialist Dentistry – Prosthodontics In Bedford

When our patients need more than a routine procedure Taking good care of our teeth and gums at home, combined with regular professional care, will hopefully mean that most of us will avoid all but the more routine dental treatments,

Are You Ignoring Your Gum Health?

Underestimating the importance of healthy gums could lead to serious problems Most of us probably consider that we look after our teeth at least fairly well. Years of being told to brush our teeth, by our parents, has probably drilled

‘Alternative’ Dental Care

Why our Bedford patients should be wary of any DIY or ‘natural remedy’ claims! We have all seen, on the news, about the anti vaccination movement and how misinformation has spread, largely via social media. Whilst this format has its

Restorative And Cosmetic Dentistry – The Role of Dental Crowns

Crowns are a widely used method for restoring damaged teeth at our Bedford practice – here’s an overview. Also sometimes referred to as a ‘cap’, a dental crown is a commonly used way of restoring damaged or broken teeth. They

Can Older Patients Benefit From Cosmetic Dentistry?

Don’t write off your smile if you are middle aged and beyond! A lot of money is spent on advertising cosmetic dental treatments to the younger generation. Brought up on the likes of Love Island and other ‘celebrity’ shows, they

Which Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Best For You?

A closer look at some of the cosmetic tooth whitening procedures available for Bedford patients With the expectation that society will soon open up further following Covid restrictions, we are sure that some of you may be thinking about comsetic

What Does Your Painful Tooth Mean?

Don’t leave those niggling discomforts to chance. Seek professional dental help. Especially since the advent of the internet, we have all become ‘experts’ at diagnosing our health problems. A quick search can throw up a lot of possible answers to

Using Dental Implants To Complete A ‘Gappy’ Smile

Missing teeth doesn’t necessarily mean dentures are your only option Tooth loss can happen for a number of reasons. These include neglect but also from the result of an accident such as a fall or a blow to the mouth.

Invisalign – The Modern And Discreet Way To Straighten Teeth

We are now pleased to offer the popular Invisalign orthodontic system at our Bedford dental practice In our blog you will find several articles about the treatments we have available to help you have whiter teeth. These are very popular,