Does Dental Care Offer Good Value For Money?

Does Dental Care Offer Good Value For Money?

Our Bedford dentists looks at the financial aspects of oral health care.

Almost everything in life has to be paid for, and dental care is no exception. The training involved, along with regular upgrading and maintenance of (expensive) equipment, means that there is a significant cost involved in running our Bedford dental surgery. Whilst it is understandable that people look for a bargain, this is not always a great idea when it comes to your health.

In today’s blog, we take a look at some of the financial aspects of oral care, and how patients can help themselves to minimise treatment and hence costs.

Keep your teeth healthy

If you have healthy teeth, you should be able to limit your dental visits to once every six months; plus we would advise at least two professional cleans by the hygienist each year. This will enable you to keep your costs to a minimum, and, we feel, is a small price to pay for having strong and healthy teeth. Should you neglect your teeth of course, the cost of more extensive treatment  is likely to be more expensive; so prevention is certainly more affordable than the cure!

Spread the cost

Whilst your regular check ups and hygienist appointments are affordable for most people, there is little doubt that when more extensive treatment is required, this can really add up. Especially if you are considering a non essential cosmetic treatment, it may cause you to think twice, ultimately stopping you from having the nice looking smile you deserve.

To help patients in this situation, we are pleased to offer payment plans at our Bedford practice to help you to spread the cost of any treatment that you might need. If you feel that this may be of benefit to you, please give our helpful team a call to discuss.

How expensive is it really?

Providing that you keep your teeth clean and healthy with good home care, and therefore only need the minimum of professional attention, dental care really is not that expensive, especially when you consider the benefits.

To put it into perspective, if you have two checks and two hygienist cleans during the year, the cost will come to a little under £200 each year. If you compare this with some other expenditures, we think that you will agree that it offers good value for money.

For example:

Shop bought coffee – 1 per day at around at £2.50 = £ 912.50

Beer – say 2 pints per week at £3.50 = £364

Cigarettes – say 10 a day @ £10 for a pack of 20 = £ 1,825

Obviously we don’t want you to smoke for a number of health reasons, but these simple comparisons hopefully indicate that regular oral care is not expensive in relation to many other things.

If you have let your oral health care slip and would like us to help you to get it back on track, please call The Dental Centre Bedford on 01234 819868.