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Seven Commonly Asked Questions About Tooth Crowns

Tooth crown

Bedford dentist, Dr David Nolte, answers your queries. After fillings, dental crowns are perhaps the most commonly used treatment for a broken or badly damaged tooth. They are an excellent way to provide a sufficiently strong repair in this type

Children And Dental Emergencies

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Dentist, Dr Sarah Nackasha, offers parents guidance when a young child is in need of urgent dental care. Anyone with children will be all too aware of the ongoing likelihood of accidents at any time and falls, scrapes, collision etc

Dermal Filler Facial Restorations Now Available At The Dental Centre Bedford

Dr Nackasha

Smoother and younger looking skin is now achievable with our experienced and fully qualified team. Our facial aesthetic team at The Dental Centre Bedford are pleased to announce that Dermal filler facial restorations are now available from our practice. As

Periodontal Disease, Prevention And Treatment, And Why It Matters

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Keeping your gums healthy is as important as your teeth say our Bedford dental team. From a very young age we are taught to take good care of our teeth, making sure to brush them twice a day and as

Charcoal Toothpaste – What Is It Good For?

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Amongst the trends for ‘alternative’ toothpastes, charcoal seems to be a top choice, but why? Back in the day, as some like to describe the past, if you went to the shop to buy a toothpaste, you were usually faced

Practical Oral Health Tips For Parents With Toddlers

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Helping to keep your children’s teeth strong, healthy and pain free. Some of us may have suffered from dental problems when we were children. This may well have entailed a number of visits to our local dental practice and some,

Do You Have ‘Runners Teeth’?

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Bedford dentist, Dr David Nolte looks at why some people who run, complain of less than comfortable teeth. Running is probably the UK’s number one exercise when it comes to keeping fit. It requires little more than a decent pair

Should You Have A Chipped Tooth Treated Or Can You Just Ignore It?

Dr David Nolte

Bedford dentist, Dr David Nolte looks at the options available when a tooth is chipped. However well we look after our teeth, there is always a risk that they can suffer some damage, however minor. The better we look after

Millennials, How Well Are They Looking After Their Teeth?

Reports suggest that this generation is failing to brush their teeth as well as they should. ‘Millennials’ is a word that seems to be bandied around quite a lot these days. For those who don’t know, it means those born

Looking After Your Teeth During The Cold And Flu Season

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Colds, flu and other winter viruses can have an adverse effect on our teeth. Despite the fact that winters seem to be generally milder than in the past, cold spells are still quite possible. In addition to the cold weather,