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Thumb Sucking – A Parent’s Guide

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Dr Sarah Nackasha offers some advice and encouragement for parents. Parents are all too aware of how young children are prone to suck their thumb. This is entirely natural for a period of time, but if it continues for too

Why Do Some Of Us Grind Our Teeth At Night?

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Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a habit that can destroy even the healthiest teeth. It is quite common for people to clench or even grind their teeth a little when they are facing an anxious moment. This is usually very

Taking Good Care Of Your New Dental Implant

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Immediate and long term care – what you need to know. Dental implants are known not only for their strength and stability, but for their longevity too. It can be tempting to think that because they are made from artificial

Four Reasons To Opt For Non Mercury Dental Fillings

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Amalgam fillings are strong and functional, but should you now be looking to choose white fillings instead? The use of mercury in traditional amalgam fillings has long been a matter of debate amongst patients. One reason for this is the

Saliva – Its Role In Your Oral Health

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Why a dry mouth can present oral care problems. It’s probably something that we don’t talk about very much, yet the average human being produces an amount of saliva equivalent to approximately two swimming pools over our lifetime. Like all

Seven Commonly Asked Questions About Tooth Crowns

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Bedford dentist, Dr David Nolte, answers your queries. After fillings, dental crowns are perhaps the most commonly used treatment for a broken or badly damaged tooth. They are an excellent way to provide a sufficiently strong repair in this type

Children And Dental Emergencies

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Dentist, Dr Sarah Nackasha, offers parents guidance when a young child is in need of urgent dental care. Anyone with children will be all too aware of the ongoing likelihood of accidents at any time and falls, scrapes, collision etc

Dermal Filler Facial Restorations Now Available At The Dental Centre Bedford

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Smoother and younger looking skin is now achievable with our experienced and fully qualified team. Our facial aesthetic team at The Dental Centre Bedford are pleased to announce that Dermal filler facial restorations are now available from our practice. As

Periodontal Disease, Prevention And Treatment, And Why It Matters

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Keeping your gums healthy is as important as your teeth say our Bedford dental team. From a very young age we are taught to take good care of our teeth, making sure to brush them twice a day and as

Charcoal Toothpaste – What Is It Good For?

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Amongst the trends for ‘alternative’ toothpastes, charcoal seems to be a top choice, but why? Back in the day, as some like to describe the past, if you went to the shop to buy a toothpaste, you were usually faced