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Looking After Your Dental Health During Prolonged ‘Lock Down’

Maintaining a good oral health regime during stay-at-home restrictions Although it has not yet been officially announced, it is looking increasingly certain that the current lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus will be extended, perhaps for a few more weeks

Encouraging Children To Take Care Of Their Teeth

With an extended break from school now likely, why not use some of that time to help your child with dental education? Schools in the UK are breaking up early on Friday for an unknown length of time, and many

Cross Infection Control – Helping To Keep Patients Safe

A look at the small, but important role that our Bedford dental practice plays in preventing the spread of infections. Viruses are big news at the moment. It is difficult to ascertain how serious the current situation might end up

2020 – A Year To Change Your Smoking And Drinking Habits

Make this the year to improve your health and minimise two serious threats to your teeth and gums. We hope that all of our Bedford patients had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and with January now fully underway, some

Your Dental Care Plan For The New Year

Keeping your teeth healthy and looking great in 2020! We will soon be coming to the close of yet another year, and one that has probably been challenging for many of us. There has certainly been plenty going on that

First Dental Visit For Years?

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What to expect upon your return to our Bedford dental practice As we have mentioned numerous times before in our blogs, receiving regular dental care is essential if you want to have a healthy mouth. Most of our patients maintain

The Rapid Decline In Smoking

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And how your oral health will be all the better for it. A recent report has noted that cigarette consumption in England fell by just under 1.5 billion cigarettes each year between 2011 and 2018. That equates to approximately a

Why Do Some Of Us Grind Our Teeth At Night?

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Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a habit that can destroy even the healthiest teeth. It is quite common for people to clench or even grind their teeth a little when they are facing an anxious moment. This is usually very

Saliva – Its Role In Your Oral Health

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Why a dry mouth can present oral care problems. It’s probably something that we don’t talk about very much, yet the average human being produces an amount of saliva equivalent to approximately two swimming pools over our lifetime. Like all

Charcoal Toothpaste – What Is It Good For?

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Amongst the trends for ‘alternative’ toothpastes, charcoal seems to be a top choice, but why? Back in the day, as some like to describe the past, if you went to the shop to buy a toothpaste, you were usually faced