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‘Alternative’ Dental Care

Why our Bedford patients should be wary of any DIY or ‘natural remedy’ claims! We have all seen, on the news, about the anti vaccination movement and how misinformation has spread, largely via social media. Whilst this format has its

What Does Your Painful Tooth Mean?

Don’t leave those niggling discomforts to chance. Seek professional dental help. Especially since the advent of the internet, we have all become ‘experts’ at diagnosing our health problems. A quick search can throw up a lot of possible answers to

The Covid Pandemic And Oral Cancer

With limited dental appointments currently available, the risk of a rise in mouth cancer cases is very real As many of our Bedford patients will be aware, routine dental appointments have not been as widely available as they used to

The Second Lockdown And Christmas – Will They Affect Your Oral Health?

Some timely oral health guidance from our Bedford dentists As many of you will already be aware, The Dental Centre Bedford is open during the second lockdown. This is just one of the many changes from the first lockdown and

The Impact Of Obesity On Oral Health

Controlling your weight can help lead to a healthier mouth There are a number of reasons why people might become obese. For the unfortunate few, it can be caused by a medical condition and for some it may be at

Will Bedford Dentists Have To Close Again?

With new Covid restrictions coming into place, patients ask if further closures are likely As many people have predicted, it appears that a 2nd wave of the Covid-19 virus is on its way or already here. This has widely been

Looking After Your Dental Health During Prolonged ‘Lock Down’

Maintaining a good oral health regime during stay-at-home restrictions Although it has not yet been officially announced, it is looking increasingly certain that the current lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus will be extended, perhaps for a few more weeks

Encouraging Children To Take Care Of Their Teeth

With an extended break from school now likely, why not use some of that time to help your child with dental education? Schools in the UK are breaking up early on Friday for an unknown length of time, and many

Cross Infection Control – Helping To Keep Patients Safe

A look at the small, but important role that our Bedford dental practice plays in preventing the spread of infections. Viruses are big news at the moment. It is difficult to ascertain how serious the current situation might end up

2020 – A Year To Change Your Smoking And Drinking Habits

Make this the year to improve your health and minimise two serious threats to your teeth and gums. We hope that all of our Bedford patients had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and with January now fully underway, some