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Looking After Our Teeth In Middle Age And Beyond

Time can take its toll on our teeth. Here’s some advice on how we can help overcome it….. When does middle age begin? It’s a very good question and the answer seems to change every few years. A quick search

Planning Your Festive Smile Makeover

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Whether you want to boost your smile in time for Christmas or are planning further ahead, we can help. The New Year tends to bring out the optimist in many of us and the idea that we will suddenly become

Cosmetic Dentistry – More Popular Than Ever

Dr David Nolte

Dr David Nolte Reviews Options at The Dental Centre Bedford. Cosmetic dentistry is extremely popular at the moment because it is simply much more accessible now than it used to be. Celebrities never used to talk about their gorgeous smile

Get Your Teeth ‘Holiday Ready’

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Feel relaxed and confident on your holiday with healthy and attractive teeth! Most of us look forward to our annual holidays. A few weeks in the sun, or on the ski slopes, can certainly give us a chance to relax

Smoker’s Teeth – Yellow Forever?

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Have you stopped smoking? Here’s how to have nice looking teeth again. If you are of a certain age, it is very possible that you smoked during your younger years. With the numerous health warnings since, many will hopefully have

Whiter Teeth For The New Year In Bedford?

Give your smile a boost with our fast acting teeth whitening procedure! Most of us will be going into the new year with some resolutions, or at least a  ‘wish list’ of things that we want to achieve. It is

Restoring A Smile With Dental Veneers in Bedford

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Stains, cracks and gaps corrected with veneers We recently received an email from a new resident who was looking for a dentist in Bedford who could help him with the appearance of his teeth. He felt that, although his teeth

Helping Ex Smokers Restore Oral Health

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Rectifying the effects of smoking There used to be a time when almost every adult smoked and it is hard to think back to how that must have been. Fortunately, the reality now is that far fewer people are smoking

Cosmetic Dental Ideas For 2017

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A new look for the new year? Our Bedford dentists can help. So, 2017 is upon us, and whether we have made actual resolutions or not, many of us will be looking to change some aspect of our life in

Should You Trust Natural Teeth Whitening Solutions?

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Our Bedford dentist offers advice and words of caution. For some, the desire to find the cheapest and quickest ways to get things done overwhelms the need to check the quality and safety of the products or services they are