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Safe Dental Implant Placement

Reasons to choose The Dental Centre Bedford for your new implants. It is now widely accepted that dental implants offer one of the best means for replacing a lost or missing tooth. More and more people are looking into this

Preparing For An Implant Procedure

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Helping our Bedford dentists achieve the best possible outcome. Dental implant placements are becoming more and more popular as patients realise that they offer a more realistic and effective tooth replacement method than dentures. Even the slightly invasive nature of

Dental Implants And Younger Patients

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At what age are patients suitable for dental implants? As you will probably have noticed from reading previous blogs, we firmly recommend dental implants as an excellent way of replacing missing teeth for those who are suitable. Generally though, when

Older Patients Benefiting From Dental Implants in Bedford

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Make your later years more fulfilling with secure and stable replacement teeth Dental implants are an excellent replacement solution when you have lost a tooth, or a number of teeth. They can be placed for people of all ages once

Dental Implant Aftercare

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With good oral health care, our Bedford patients should expect a long life from their dental implants. As we discussed in an earlier blog, dental implants are increasingly being acknowledged as the best method for replacing a missing tooth, or

Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

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Why this restorative dental procedure is gaining in popularity. Not so long ago, perhaps few people in the UK would have heard about dental implants and what they do. These days though, implants are increasingly become the number one choice