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What Happens When Food Becomes Trapped In Your Teeth?

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Decay Prevention – The Basics Working on the assumption that all of our Bedford patients brush their teeth twice a day, both morning and night, this should be sufficient to ensure that they have a healthy set of teeth, right?

What Is Tartar And Why Does It Matter?

Many patients might be aware of the word, but do you know what it is? There are some dental terms that patients hear us use, that they likely already understand reasonably well. Tartar is one of those words that dentists

When To See The Hygienist?

The importance of our Bedford hygienist’s role should not be underestimated. The majority of people in the UK will see their dentist twice a year for their regular check ups. Whilst some people may choose not to, regular attendance is

It’s Never Too Late To Have A Healthier Mouth

Restoring oral health at your local Bedford dentist. We were recently looking at some of our latest Google reviews, which we are always delighted to receive by the way. What struck us was the number of patients who had commented

What Happens During a ‘Scale and Polish’ at The Dental Centre Bedford?

A closer look at this important dental hygiene procedure. Most of our Bedford dental patients who visit the hygienist at our practice, will have had a ‘scale and polish’ procedure a number of times. Although this may not appear to

A Checklist For Gum Disease From Your Bedford Hygienist

Spotting symptoms of gingivitis early for prompt treatment. As we have mentioned in earlier blogs, gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss in the UK. If not detected in its earlier stages, treatment for advanced gum disease can

Children’s Dental Care in Bedford

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Prevention is the key to a life of healthy teeth and gums. 2016 saw a large number of quite shocking headlines regarding the state of our children’s teeth. Dental decay and the need to have teeth extracted was one of

Stages And Symptoms Of Gum Disease

gum disease diagnosis

Our Bedford periodontist discusses the signs and consequences of poor gum health. Whilst most patients are keen to have strong and healthy teeth, with as few fillings as possible; fewer perhaps, are aware that ensuring good gum health is equally