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What Happens When A Tooth Dies?

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Root canal treatment – saving infected teeth in Bedford Your teeth are natural living complex structures and not just a solid block of enamel as some people believe. Essentially, there are three parts to a tooth; the external enamel layer,

Specialist Dental Care – The Endodontist

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Advanced treatment available at your local Bedford dentist. In addition to providing routine dental care, including checkups, fillings and extractions, along with cosmetic dentistry; we are also pleased to offer our patients the services of our specialist dentists when the

Root Canal Treatment

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Taking appropriate care after your procedure As we have mentioned in previous blogs, there is little to be concerned about if you are due to have a root canal procedure and please rest assured that any scare stories you may

Root Canal Treatment – Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Bedford Endodontist discusses some key questions about this often misunderstood procedure. Two words which seem to strike fear in even the most confident dental patient is ‘root canal’. This procedure appears to have built up a mythology all of

Root Canal Treatment

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Our Bedford dentist discusses this often misunderstood procedure. Any dentist reading this post will likely have seen the look on a patient’s face when the words ‘root canal’ are mentioned. For a long time, this procedure has gained a reputation