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Specialist Dentistry – Prosthodontics In Bedford

When our patients need more than a routine procedure Taking good care of our teeth and gums at home, combined with regular professional care, will hopefully mean that most of us will avoid all but the more routine dental treatments,

Periodontal Disease, Prevention And Treatment, And Why It Matters

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Keeping your gums healthy is as important as your teeth say our Bedford dental team. From a very young age we are taught to take good care of our teeth, making sure to brush them twice a day and as

Specialist Dental Care – What Is It?

Specialist dentist using a microscope

A review of specialist dentistry services at our modern Bedford clinic. Most patients who visit a dentist will usually do so for their regular check up, hygienist visit or minor treatment, such as a filling. This isn’t always the case

Endodontic Treatment – Saving An Infected Tooth

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How our specialist dentists avoid extracting root-infected teeth. Anyone visiting a dentist in the UK can do so in the knowledge that they will have had to meet a certain level of training and qualification in order to perform dental

Treating Periodontal Disease

The role of the periodontist at our Bedford dental practice. Whilst gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease, can be relatively minor and often treated with professional cleans and improved personal oral care; periodontitis, the advanced stage is far more

Specialist Dental Treatment At Your Local Bedford Practice

Specialist Prosthodontist

A look at the Prosthodontist’s role. Whilst most patients who attend a dental practice do so for check-ups, with perhaps some minor treatment to restore a damaged tooth, from time to time more extensive treatment may be required to restore