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Dealing With Tooth Loss

A Bedford dentist looks at how this impacts our life and the options available for replacement With good care, and perhaps a bit of good luck too, it is entirely possible to go through life never losing an adult tooth.

Sensitive Teeth – A Year Round Problem

Tooth sensitivity can cause a lot of discomfort and may be a sign of future dental problems. Having sensitive teeth in winter can cause problems as the cold wind blows, leaving many of us to cover our mouths with scarves

Three Tell Tale Signs That You Might Be Grinding Your Teeth

Stress may be causing us to grind our teeth and we don’t even realise it! Brexit, elections, the weather … there seems to be no end to the number of situations that can cause our stress levels to rise. When

Tooth Development

eating an apple with good teeth

Manish Patel explains how our teeth develop, from the womb, through to our adult years. It may seem a long time ago for many of us, but can you remember when your first tooth came out? For some of us