The Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

How cosmetic dental procedures can help transform a person’s life.

Whilst cosmetic dentistry was once the preserve of the wealthy and famous, it is now widely available and affordable to far more people than previously.

With prices now lower than before and with dental plans in place to spread the payment, more and more people in the Bedford area are looking to cosmetic dentistry to improve not only their smile, but their general sense of well being too.

A whiter smile

One of the most common procedures requested by patients at The Dental Centre Bedford is teeth whitening. This fast acting procedure can improve the whiteness of your teeth by up to eight shades and can transform a dull smile into a bright one. Where staining is too severe, or where teeth are chipped or cracked, dental veneers offer a good alternative solution.

Missing teeth

Where a tooth has been lost, and especially where the gap is visible, most patients will want to have a replacement tooth in its place. Whilst dentures have traditionally been used for this (and are still available should you wish to have them), more and more people are turning either to dental bridges or dental implants for a more secure and comfortable alternative.


So, apart from the obvious smile improvement; what can cosmetic procedures such as the above offer our Bedford dental patients? The answer often lies in an improvement in confidence, and with it, many potential benefits that life can offer. It has been shown, from a number of studies, that people generally warm to those who have a nice smile, and as judgements are often made in the first few seconds of meeting, a warm smile can certainly get things off to a great start.

This can be of significant benefit in areas such as employment, where you may be going for an interview and want to impress the employer, or it could be when meeting someone who may potentially even turn out to be your future life partner. Of course, we can’t guarantee you either of these things and qualifications and/or personality are other obvious factors, but, through cosmetic dentistry, we feel sure that we can help to give you a head start in situations such as these.

If you are unhappy with your current smile; whether your teeth are a dull colour or you have a missing tooth, why not call our Bedford cosmetic dentists to see what we can do to give you a nice smile once more.

Call The Dental Centre Bedford today on 01234 819868 to arrange a consultation, where we can discuss your hopes and expectations and suggest the appropriate treatment for you.