Considerations For Long Term Tooth Replacement

Considerations For Long Term Tooth Replacement

Why dental implants arguably offer the best method to replace missing teeth over the long term.

It is probably not surprising that some people are initially deterred by the idea of having dental implants placed. On the face of it, it is an invasive dental procedure that can take a little longer than many others. In addition to this, after placement, a few months are needed where the patient needs to take extra care to make sure that the implants bond safely and securely with the bone structure in the jaw.

This can also mean additional visits to our Bedford dentists so that we can monitor progress, and also means that smoking is a ‘no go’ area, not only for the three months following placement, but also a short period beforehand, to make sure that the gums and bone are healthy. Care must also be taken to eat softer foods initially, to prevent any damage from occurring.

So why bother?

From the description above, you can see why many people still opt for either a bridge or dentures to replace any teeth they have missing. This could be considered to be a short term view though, and one that you may possibly regret later on.

The fact is that whilst the treatment time may prove to be a little inconvenient for some patients, once the implants have bonded securely with the bone, and the final dental crown added, that is effectively the end of the procedure. With the exception of making sure that you clean them, and ongoing monitoring for any problems, your dental implant treatment is complete and you can go about your daily life with the minimum of fuss.

Ongoing denture problems

Compare this with dentures, which do offer a quick and non invasive option to replace missing teeth. Whilst they do offer an immediate advantage, there are longer term problems associated with dentures, such as discomfort and poorer fit as your face shape changes with age. In comparison, six months or so after your implant procedure at The Dental Centre Bedford, you will probably have forgotten that you have them.

Denture wearers consequently need periodic adjustments to maintain comfort and fit, and on top of this there is the inconvenience of overnight cleaning. Dental implants are cared for in the same way as your natural teeth and do not suffer from any of these maintenance issues. So it is not hard to see why a little inconvenience early on, can pay big dividends over the longer term.

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