Why We Perform Root Canal Treatment

Why We Perform Root Canal Treatment

Our Bedford endodontist explains this essential procedure.

It is always the aim of our team at The Dental Centre Bedford, to preserve a patient’s natural teeth wherever possible and practical. Often this will be done using a relatively minor procedure such as a dental filling, or where the tooth has suffered more significant damage, a crown.

Neither of the above treatments will be successful though, if the inner part of the tooth has become infected. To treat a tooth successfully when this happens, a root canal procedure is necessary.

Why does a tooth become infected?

Infected root canals occur when the enamel of the teeth has been damaged, such as a small crack, that allows bacteria to enter the inner part of the tooth. This is one of many reasons why it is important to have your teeth examined regularly by one of our Bedford dentists. Good home care and hygienist visits will also help to keep your enamel strong and reduce the likelihood of any root canal problems, but when these do occur, a root canal procedure is the only way to preserve the natural tooth.

Preparation for the treatment

We know that many people are concerned about having root canal treatment and it has become a bit of an ‘urban myth’ to say that this treatment involves a lot of pain. However, this is a long way from the truth, and, although there may be some minor discomfort, it should be no more significant than you might experience with many other invasive procedures. There are two things that we do in order to reduce any discomfort before the procedure starts,. The first of these is that x-rays will be taken to check that no abscesses are present. If one is found, the treatment will be postponed and the abscess treated prior to any dental surgery taking place.

Where no abscess is found, or following successful treatment, we will administer a strong local anesthetic to minimise any discomfort that you might feel.

The treatment

Once your mouth is numb in the area of the procedure, the root canal treatment can take place. First of all, our Bedford endodontist will remove the top section of the tooth which allows access to the infected root canals. The infected material is then removed and the now hollow canals thoroughly cleaned to prevent the return of any infection. We then apply a special dental filling, known as gutta percha, into the hollow canals, completely sealing them. Finally, a dental crown is attached to the top of the tooth. This provides not only  a natural appearance, but also gives the treated tooth additional strength.

As you can see, the root canal procedure is not as frightening as is sometimes made out. We can assure you that the dentists at The Dental Centre Bedford will take good care of you and make any procedure as comfortable as possible.

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