Dental Care For The Whole Family

Dental Care For The Whole Family

All generations can benefit from the care provided by our Bedford dentists.

At The Dental Centre Bedford, we are pleased to offer dentistry for all ages.

From the youngest child to the oldest patient, our general and cosmetic treatments are available to keep your teeth healthy, good looking and functional, often improving your ability to eat a wide range of foods more easily.

In today’s blog, we take a brief look at the benefits that we offer for all stages of life.


Generally, we recommend that parents first bring their children to us around the time of their first birthday. Although treatment is unlikely, it is best to be sure. In addition to this, bringing your baby to our modern Bedford dentists will help them to become accustomed to the environment. This may help to allay dental anxiety as they get older.

Young children

For many young children, sugar is something that they simply can’t get enough of. Even the strictest parent often ends up giving at least some leeway in the amount of sugar that their child has access to. Unfortunately, as we well know, sugar causes dental decay and it is therefore important to keep a regular check on children’s teeth as they grow up.


A continuing sweet tooth leads many teenagers to consume even more sugar in the general foods that they eat on a daily basis. Towards the later teenage years, they may also start to smoke and drink which can worsen some dental problems. Whilst it may be a battle to get your reluctant teenager to visit a dentist, it is well worth the effort and they will, hopefully, thank you for having healthy teeth as they grow older!

Young adults

Naturally, ongoing oral health checks are essential to keep your teeth strong and healthy at this stage. In addition to this though, for many people at this age, it is also important to have good looking teeth. This period of our life may define our future careers and relationships and, as we have noted in previous blogs, having great looking teeth can give you a significant head start in these areas.

Middle aged

‘Fifty is the new thirty’, or something like that, so they say! There is little doubt that we now enjoy a much fuller life at this age than used to be the case. Whilst most of us may slow down a little, socialising is still important and therefore we naturally like to look our best. Teeth whitening procedures especially, are popular with this age group as our teeth often start to discolour during this period of our life. There are many other cosmetic procedures which can also enhance our life experience when required.

Older patients

Elderly patients can also benefit from our experience and advanced training. Gum disease needs to be closely monitored at this stage as many older patients produce less saliva, making gum disease more likely. A lot of patients will also have lost teeth by this stage and the dental implants that we offer can provide them with good looking and strong replacement teeth that will not limit what they can eat.

Whatever stage of life you are currently at, we believe that our experienced team here at The Dental Centre Bedford can help you to have both healthy and great looking teeth. To arrange an appointment with one of our friendly dentists, please call us today on 01234 819868.