Six Monthly Oral Checks And Your General Health

Six Monthly Oral Checks And Your General Health

Detecting potentially serious health issues during regular check ups.

The regular six monthly dental check up is a staple of general dental care. It is an excellent opportunity to monitor a patient’s teeth and gums, and to detect any problems such as tooth decay or gum disease.

The six monthly interval usually means that any problems such as these can be treated in their early stages.

It is worth saying though, that if you suspect there may be a problem between your appointments, to contact The Dental Centre Bedford to have it checked quickly, rather than leave it until your next appointment, even if you are not experiencing any discomfort.

In addition to decay and gum disease, a number of other symptoms of potential health issues may be noted. Where these are detected, we may suggest that you seek further professional medical help.

Heart disease

It is now widely considered that severe gum disease can be a factor in heart problems. The bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums may, in some instances, enter the bloodstream, eventually reaching the heart. It is believed that this can potentially lead to buildup of plaque in the arteries, or even blood clots. Whilst in most cases periodontal disease will not prove to have such serious repercussions, we still consider it worthwhile mentioning to your GP.


It is a fact that diabetics are more likely to suffer from gum disease than the wider public. Undetected, diabetes can go on to cause many serious medical conditions such as kidney or heart damage. Whilst many people will already have a regular health check, for those that don’t and are diagnosed to have gum disease, this could be a warning sign and we recommend that you consult your GP.


Where the enamel of the teeth has become very worn, this could potentially be caused through the regular vomiting associated with bulimia and we would ask you to disclose such during your assessments with us.

Anxiety and Stress

Whilst some short term stress is inevitable for most people, long term stress can be damaging and potentially very dangerous. Whilst checking a patient’s teeth, we may notice that they are worn down, or broken. Where this is the case and there are no other obvious reasons, it is quite possible that you have been grinding your teeth, possibly a sign of stress. Again, we suggest that you see your doctor to discuss this.


When insufficient red blood cells are produced, a person is said to be anaemic which causes tiredness and a weakened immune system. A paler colour inside the mouth could also be a warning and should be investigated further.

Whilst it is quite likely that the majority of these symptoms will turn out to be innocent, it is always worth getting a check with your GP. As with dental conditions, health problems usually have a better prognosis if treated promptly.

To arrange your six monthly check at The Dental Centre Bedford, please call us on 01234 819868.