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Restoring Damaged Teeth

Time away from the dentist can mean more cases of decay and damage It probably feels like a long time since you last saw the welcoming faces of the team at The Dental Centre Bedford? The good news is that

Encouraging Nervous Patients To Return When Dentists Reopen

The challenge of lockdown may have increased anxiety levels for some, but our team is on hand to help…. It is probably fair to say that all of us, in some way, have been affected by the current situation surrounding

Gum Health – An Ongoing Priority

Take this time to renew your focus on good gum health Because dental practices across the UK are closed for all but urgent emergency advice, a lot of focus is being placed on keeping teeth healthy with the intention of

Looking After Your Dental Health During Prolonged ‘Lock Down’

Maintaining a good oral health regime during stay-at-home restrictions Although it has not yet been officially announced, it is looking increasingly certain that the current lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus will be extended, perhaps for a few more weeks

Encouraging Children To Take Care Of Their Teeth

With an extended break from school now likely, why not use some of that time to help your child with dental education? Schools in the UK are breaking up early on Friday for an unknown length of time, and many

Cross Infection Control – Helping To Keep Patients Safe

A look at the small, but important role that our Bedford dental practice plays in preventing the spread of infections. Viruses are big news at the moment. It is difficult to ascertain how serious the current situation might end up

Multiple Uses Of Dental Veneers

Bedford dentist, Dr David Nolte, discusses this versatile cosmetic treatment. One of the key aims of cosmetic dentistry is to help the patient to have the best looking smile that they possibly can. There are many ways to achieve this

Dealing With Tooth Loss

A Bedford dentist looks at how this impacts our life and the options available for replacement With good care, and perhaps a bit of good luck too, it is entirely possible to go through life never losing an adult tooth.

Looking After Our Teeth In Middle Age And Beyond

Time can take its toll on our teeth. Here’s some advice on how we can help overcome it….. When does middle age begin? It’s a very good question and the answer seems to change every few years. A quick search

2020 – A Year To Change Your Smoking And Drinking Habits

Make this the year to improve your health and minimise two serious threats to your teeth and gums. We hope that all of our Bedford patients had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and with January now fully underway, some