Four Summer Food And Drinks To Moderate

Four Summer Food And Drinks To Moderate

The promise of a warm summer ahead could spell trouble for our teeth!

It could turn out to be a false promise, but the signs seem to be that we might be in for a hot, or at least warm, summer. There is no guarantee in this country of course, but it is worth taking a look at some of the problems it can generate for our teeth.

Our eating habits tend to change in hot weather, with winter comfort foods often abandoned for salads. Not all changes are as good for our health though, as our Bedford dentist explains.

Ice cream

One of the foods that we most associate with summer is ice cream and this has long been a popular way to try to cool ourselves down on a hot day. Even a plain ice cream will contain high levels of sugar though, to say nothing of those with extra toppings that children are so fond of. Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t eat ice cream of course, that would probably be unrealistic. But it is important to be aware of the potential harm it could cause and to make an extra effort to keep our teeth cleaned properly afterwards.

Soft drinks

We have discussed the potential harm that high sugar fizzy drinks can cause before. Water should be your “go to” drink to make sure you keep well hydrated in the hot weather, and fizzy drinks and juices saved for occasional treats.


A chilled beer can seem incredibly tempting, and no doubt, a large quantity will be drunk during hot afternoon barbeques. Alcoholic drinks are often high in sugar though and the additional dehydrating factor of alcohol can mean trouble, not only for our teeth but our gums as well. A dry mouth caused by alcohol consumption, especially on a hot day, can create the perfect environment for gum disease to thrive. In addition to this, accidents are far more likely to happen if we have one too many!

Talking of the barbeque …

The increasing popularity of the barbeque has brought its own challenges for our teeth. The sticky sauces used on many of the meats really do stick to our teeth and often have lots of sugar, so it’s well worth spending a little extra time brushing and flossing before you go to bed at night, to remove as much as you can.

The Dental Centre Bedford firmly believes in prevention when it comes to looking after your teeth. We are here to help should any problems arise, but avoiding or reducing damaging foods and drinks will hopefully help you to avoid an unplanned visits to our practice. Regular checks with our dentist and hygienist are also recommended to help protect your teeth from decay, and your gums from gingivitis and periodontitis. If you have not made an appointment recently and need to do so, please call our Bedford dental practice on 01234 819868.