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Looking After Your Teeth During The Cold And Flu Season

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Colds, flu and other winter viruses can have an adverse effect on our teeth. Despite the fact that winters seem to be generally milder than in the past, cold spells are still quite possible. In addition to the cold weather,

Looking After Your Toothbrush

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How we look after this everyday piece of personal care equipment could make a real difference to the health of our teeth and gums. The humble toothbrush; a fairly ‘boring’ piece of equipment that we (hopefully) use twice a day

Common Oral Infections

Dr David Nolte

Dr David Nolte takes a look at some common oral health issues. As dentists, we not only see problems with the teeth, such as decay or breakages, but also with the rest of your mouth, as we examine you. This

Illegal Drug Use – How It Affects Your Oral Health

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‘Street drugs’ are known to cause many health issues, but did you know that they can also be harmful to your teeth and gums? Firstly, we want to say that, as oral health professionals, we certainly do not condone illegal

Maintaining healthy, attractive teeth long term

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Fundamental oral care guidance from your local Bedford dentist. Given a choice, no doubt we would all like to have nice looking teeth. Hopefully our parents gave us a good start and we arrived in adult life with healthy teeth;

Wellbeing And Financial Reasons To Stop Smoking

Dentist Dr Sarah Nackasha of The Dental Centre Bedford

Dental surgeon, Sarah Nackasha offers some advice for those wavering. Although there are probably some smokers who will never stop unless absolutely forced to do so, the majority of people who smoke would probably prefer to quit if they could.

Could Summer Sports Ruin Your Smile?

Dentist Dr Sarah Nackasha of The Dental Centre Bedford

Dr Sarah Nackasha says get a custom built mouth guard and look after your teeth! The World Cup may not have gone exactly how we wanted it to in the end, but it didn’t stop many people getting inspired by

Treatment For Gaps Between Your Teeth In Bedford

Unwanted gappy smile? Celebrities like Madonna have made gaps between the teeth very appealing and desirable for some. However, gaps between the teeth aren’t a feature some people want to maintain, and some people would prefer not to have any

Roll back signs of ageing in Bedford!

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Keep your teeth and smile looking younger for longer. As we grow older, invariably we will notice the changes in our appearance. The desire to spend boisterous nights out recedes and we perhaps care a little less about the style

Do You Need To Replace Amalgam Fillings?

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New laws restricting the use of mercury based fillings came into law from July 2018. From July 1st 2018, new laws came into being in the UK, restricting the use of amalgam fillings. From that date, they can no longer