2021 – Your Options For A More Attractive Smile

Bedford dental surgeon, Dr Sarah Nackasha, looks ahead to the new year and the cosmetic treatments available to give a flagging smile a boost

Whiter teeth exampleIt won’t be long before we are saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new. This year, the goodbyes are more likely to be ‘good riddance’ and few of us will recall this year with fond memories in the years to come.

Hope is on the horizon though with the rollout of vaccines having already started, and, although there may be hiccups along the way, we should try to remain optimistic that things will slowly start to return to normal in the coming year.

If 2020 has seemed like a ‘holding’ year, perhaps we can look to 2021 to make some changes to our lives? After all, a lot of us will have had time to think about things that we would like to do differently once the pandemic recedes.

Some things, like getting fitter, are outside of our scope, but for anyone considering improving the appearance of their teeth, and consequently their smile, The Dental Centre Bedford is here to help!

Assessing your smile

If you are unhappy with your teeth as they are at present, you might be confused as to which treatments you might need to improve them. There are a number of procedures available that can help you have a great looking smile, but rather than simply ‘Google’ them, wny not make an appointment in the New Year to discuss your requirements with one of our Bedford cosmetic dentists ?

This is the most appropriate approach as there are a number of factors to consider. Not only which treatments you need but also whether any restorative work needs to be carried out beforehand, and of course, the financial aspects of your treatment, including your budget and a discussion of our treatment payment plans. Your initial consultation will allow us to put a treatment plan in place that is designed specifically for you, and tailored to your precise needs.

Aesthetic dental treatments

There are a number of different treatments available and which you need will depend on your own circumstances. The procedures below though, offer a brief introduction to those which may offer the most benefit for the appearance of your teeth.

Scale and polish

This doesn’t really fall into the ‘cosmetic’ category and is designed to remove hardened bacteria and mineral deposits from the teeth and gums in order to help prevent gum disease. In the process though, it can also remove some surface staining from your teeth. We always recommend that patients have this done at least every six months anyway so this is an excellent way to improve the health of your teeth and gums and, in some cases, improve your smile.

Teeth whitening

This is one of our most popular and accessible cosmetic treatments. Although the ‘scale and polish’ mentioned above can remove some surface staining, it will not be as effective as a teeth whitening procedure. More importantly, much tooth discolouration, or yellowing, stems from the inner part of the teeth which naturally darken as we get older.  Our custom home teeth whitening treatment will lighten this part of the tooth as well as removing surface staining and is an excellent way of whitening most people’s teeth by several shades in the comfort and convenience of their own home.


Not everybody will achieve the whiteness they would hope for from a teeth whitening procedure and this is one of the many reasons why a prior consultation is necessary. Where teeth are heavily stained and discoloured, or where they have suffered from certain types of wear and tear such as cracks and chips of the surface enamel, veneers may offer a better solution. Using our in house Cerec system, we are able to provide our Bedford patients with new veneers in around one hour. This negates the need for you to wear temporary protective veneers whilst your final ones are produced at a dental laboratory, a process which can take a week or more.

Instead of changing the colour of your natural teeth, the veneers are used to replace a fine layer of the front tooth surface and, being non porous, should remain white for many years to come.

Other treatments are also available, including implants to replace any missing teeth; although teeth whitening and veneers are two of the most popular for those wishing to give their smile a significant boost.

Nobody knows exactly what the new year will bring; after all, none of us expected this year to be like it has been! But if a new smile is on your agenda next year, you can be sure that our local team is on hand to help.

To all patients of The Dental Centre Bedford, we hope that you enjoy your break and have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Dr Sarah Nackasha – GDC Number 74960