Safe Dental Implant Placement

Safe Dental Implant Placement

Reasons to choose The Dental Centre Bedford for your new implants.

It is now widely accepted that dental implants offer one of the best means for replacing a lost or missing tooth. More and more people are looking into this treatment and their availability is now much wider.

This wider choice of where to have implants placed can cause problems of its own though, with patients unsure how to determine the best place to receive the treatment.

Because of the invasive nature of the procedure, and the skills needed to place a dental implant successfully, it is important to make the right choice. Our local Bedford dentists offer their advice below.

Cheap implants abroad – worth the risk?

It is sometimes said that the world is becoming a smaller place. Certainly, the idea of people travelling abroad for dental treatment even twenty years ago, was almost unheard of. With cheaper flights being available though, a number of people are travelling to other countries for cheaper dental implants.

Whilst these offers might seem tempting, we would recommend against them for a number of reasons:

  1. It is hard to determine how qualified they are at placing implants
  2. The language barrier may add to the stress of this complex procedure
  3. The quality of the implants used may be reduced in order to cut the cost. This increases the risk of failure.
  4. If anything goes wrong, you are a long way from the dentist who placed them
  5. Hygiene standards vary from country to country and the risk of infections may be greater.

Why choose us?

So, having decided to have your dental implants placed locally, why should you choose The Dental Centre Bedford for yours?

Obviously, if you live close to the practice, we hope to be one of those practices that you look at. Even people from a little further away though, may wish to consider the many positives that we offer, which include:

  1. Friendly, highly skilled and fully trained staff
  2. Dentists experienced in complex dental implant placements, with hundreds placed successfully
  3. A purpose built dental facility with the latest equipment necessary for successful implant placement
  4. Modern decontamination unit to ensure that all non disposable equipment is fully sterilised for your safety
  5. Adherence to ‘best practice’ guidelines set by the General Dental Council.

We understand that, for many people, having dental implants placed is a major step and sometimes one that people are a little concerned about. If this applies to you, we suggest an initial consultation be arranged with one of our Bedford dental implant team who will be able to discuss all aspects of the procedure and answer any questions that you might have about it.

To arrange your initial consultation, please call The Dental Centre Bedford on 01234 819868.