Specialist Dental Treatment At Your Local Bedford Practice

Specialist Dental Treatment At Your Local Bedford Practice

A look at the Prosthodontist’s role.

Whilst most patients who attend a dental practice do so for check-ups, with perhaps some minor treatment to restore a damaged tooth, from time to time more extensive treatment may be required to restore both the appearance and function of their mouth.

There can be many causes for this; from long term neglect of the teeth and gums, to accidents and serious illnesses. Whatever the reason though, our Bedford Specialist Prosthodontist, Dr Pranay Sharma has advanced training in helping to restore function and aesthetics.

What is prosthodontics?

The word itself comes from the ancient Greek meaning ‘to place’ and ‘teeth’. This, in essence is the role of the prosthodontist; to replace missing teeth or to restore natural ones in the most appropriate manner.  This combines the use of a number of skills and requires several extra years of training. This multi-disciplinary specialist field can involve anything from a relatively straightforward crown or bridgework, through to complex dental implant placements and full mouth reconstruction.

Naturally, the first part of a prosthodontic procedure is to ensure that the mouth is healthy enough to start restorative work. Once this criteria is satisfied, full or partial mouth restoration can take place as needed. This may also include specific problems such as TMJ disorders.

Restoring teeth

The treatments needed to restore your teeth to a functioning and attractive state will depend upon the damage which exists. For missing teeth, a dental implant is usually the most effective solution. These may be placed individually or as part of the ‘teeth in a day’ procedure whereby a fixed bridge of teeth is attached using dental implants, to replace a full arch.

Any badly damaged or broken teeth may be restored using a dental crown to give the tooth both additional strength and a natural appearance. Veneers too may be used where a front tooth has received smaller amounts of damage, such as cracks or a small chip. Dentures, whether full or partial, are also an option where a patient does not wish to have dental implants placed.

We are delighted to have Dr Sharma, a highly skilled and experienced prosthodontist, as a key member of our Bedford dentists team; on hand to offer our patients some of the best treatment and care possible and where more complex dental solutions are required.

If you are in need of complex prosthodontic treatment, or just one procedure, whether a straightforward crown or a dental implant placement, we are ideally placed to offer you top quality dental care. Simply call The Dental Centre Bedford on 01234 819868 to arrange a consultation where we will carry out a thorough examination and produce an appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs.