Cosmetic Dental Ideas For 2017

Cosmetic Dental Ideas For 2017

A new look for the new year? Our Bedford dentists can help.

So, 2017 is upon us, and whether we have made actual resolutions or not, many of us will be looking to change some aspect of our life in the new year. For many people, this is about feeling good about themselves and often starts with a determination to eat more healthily and to become fitter.

Another aspect of feeling good about ourselves is how we view our appearance. From a dental perspective, if our teeth are yellow, discoloured or even chipped, we are likely to feel less than happy about the way that we look.

Getting fit and healthy eating can mean hard work on behalf of the person. Your smile however, in experienced hands, can be fully restored by the cosmetic dentists at our Bedford practice.

Chipped teeth

A chipped tooth means a compromised tooth. Once the enamel has become damaged and the inner dentin layer exposed, the risk of dental decay is significant and the tooth needs to be treated. In addition to this, it is not a very attractive look and, if the chip has sharp edges, can also cause scratches or cuts to the lips. There are two ways in which a chipped tooth can be treated, and the best method will be determined following an examination. For small chips, cosmetic bonding can be used. This is a straightforward procedure which uses a composite material that is coloured and shaped to match the natural appearance of your teeth.

In some cases, dental veneers may be a more effective solution (see ‘discoloured teeth’ section below); depending on the extent of the damage.

Discoloured teeth

Teeth can be discoloured for a number of reasons; smoking and consumption of teeth staining products such as red wine may contribute to this. As we become older though, the inner part of our teeth naturally darkens as part of the ageing process, and no amount of brushing will stop this. Our fast acting teeth whitening procedure is an excellent way to restore your teeth to the whiteness that you deserve. The process can whiten teeth by up to eight shades, although a more subtle whiteness can be achieved should you prefer. We will discuss this with you at your consultation so that you can choose the level of whiteness you wish for before the procedure commences.

For badly discoloured or stained teeth, dental veneers may be a better option. These replace a fine layer of the affected surface enamel with a natural looking porcelain “veneer”.

So whilst we can’t help you to become fitter, we are sure that, following cosmetic dentistry at our Bedford clinic, you will be delighted with your new smile and will feel more confident in your self too.

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