Preparing For An Implant Procedure

Preparing For An Implant Procedure

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Dental implant placements are becoming more and more popular as patients realise that they offer a more realistic and effective tooth replacement method than dentures.

Even the slightly invasive nature of the treatment isn’t seen as a barrier by most patients who realise that, once the procedure is complete, they will have secure and strong teeth that will not become loose as dentures sometimes can.

The success rate of this procedure also gives patients the confidence that there will be no problems. Indeed, failure is very rare providing that the treatment is completed by a suitably qualified and experienced dentist and not done ‘on the cheap’ somewhere abroad where standards may not be as high.

Despite failures being very rare though, there are a number of things that patients can do, prior to the procedure, to minimise the chance of failure even further.

Cigarettes and alcohol

Smoking cigarettes, or any other tobacco product, along with excessive drinking, are both known to be detrimental to a patient’s oral health. You will be asked to refrain from both of these habits for a short period both before and after your implant placement. Failure to do so can have a number of effects. Both are known to increase the risk of gum disease, and potentially periodontitis, which can damage and weaken the bone into which the implant is due to be placed. As implants rely on a strong bond between the bone and titanium implant, this could cause the newly placed implant to become loose and potentially fall out.

In addition to this, both habits can cause a dry mouth which promotes the growth of ‘bad’ oral bacteria. As the implant heals in the period after placement, the risk of infection is greater and the healing period may take longer. Complications could also arise.

General health

We certainly won’t ask you to train for a marathon, but getting yourself a little fitter is always helpful for the recovery period following the implant placement. Even improving your fitness a little, such as walking more, will help to improve the blood flow around the body. This includes the tiny blood vessels in the gums and will promote faster healing times for the area where the implant has been placed.

Psychological preparation

Inevitably, some people may have concerns about the procedure itself. However it is perfectly safe and, with the use of modern equipment here at The Dental Centre Bedford, the procedure should not cause any significant discomfort. The use of a local anaesthetic, combined with the approach and experience of our friendly implant team, should ease your concerns and help the procedure to go ahead in a reasonably comfortable manner. In general, most patients say that the procedure was far easier for them than they expected.

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