Caring Dentistry For The Whole Family In Bedford

Caring Dentistry For The Whole Family In Bedford

From young to old, oral health care is important throughout our lives.

Modern dental care has moved on from that provided to previous generations, and a wide range of procedures are now available to help you have great looking teeth as well as just healthy ones. These have been a huge benefit to many patients, not only from an aesthetics point of view, but also helping patients feel better about themselves, often helping with their confidence too.

Despite this, it is important that we never forget the basics of good oral health care. This is the bedrock for any cosmetic improvements that patients may wish to make. There is little point in having a teeth whitening procedure if your teeth are badly decayed, for example. At The Dental Centre Bedford, it is our aim to help all of our patients, however old they are, to have a healthy mouth.

Caring dentistry

One way that we aim to help people to keep their teeth and gums healthy is to make sure that we provide a friendly caring service that encourages patients to return for regular appointments. However much a patient might be aware that they should do this, if their dental practice is unfriendly and unsympathetic to their anxiety, there is a reasonable chance that some patients will fail to return, allowing their teeth to deteriorate.

Our team of friendly and sympathetic dentists at our Bedford practice are fully aware that how they treat their patients can make a real difference to whether patients return to have their teeth and gums examined on a regular basis. We also endeavour to see any patient who contacts us with a dental emergency, as soon as we possibly can.

Children’s dental care

Most parents would agree that helping children get off to a good start with their teeth will pay dividends over time. A child that is happy, or at least comfortable, with their dental visits are far more likely to continue this into adulthood. A child that fears going to the dentist, on the other hand, is probably quite likely to stop going as soon as they have sufficient control of their own life. One way in which we encourage children to look after their teeth and gums is through our dental hygienist. This is a great way to introduce younger patients to information about why and how to look after their teeth. Even very young children can benefit from this via the use of educational toys which help to explain more about their teeth.

One specific ‘fear factor’ that some patients, including many children,  have is that of the injection when a local anaesthetic is needed. Interestingly, most people believe that the discomfort from this arises from the injection itself, whereas, in fact, it is actually the anaesthetic entering the bloodstream which causes most of the discomfort. Naturally, an anaesthetic is essential where an invasive procedure needs to take place. We are continually looking at ways of improving the patient experience, and to this end, we have introduced the use of the ‘Wand’, which offers a near-painless computer assisted anaesthetic to enable patients to undergo a procedure with as little stress as possible, where needle phobia is an issue.

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