The Benefits Of White fillings

The Benefits Of White fillings

Aesthetic and practical advantages of cosmetic fillings available at our Bedford dentist.

Nearly everybody will have a dental filling at some point in their life, whether due to decay or a broken tooth. If you have had one, the chances are that it will be made from amalgam, a combination of metals which offers an excellent level of strength but which is very dark in colour.

This is one of the main reasons why an increasing number of patents at The Dental Centre Bedford are now opting to have white fillings as an alternative to amalgam fillings.

Whilst the most noticeable advantage of using these cosmetic fillings is in the appearance, they also offer other practical benefits which may be less obvious to some of our patients.


It is worth a brief look at the chief reason why patients opt for this cosmetic dental procedure. The reality is, that even though amalgam is strong, unfortunately it is also very dark in colour. Even an amalgam filling on a rear tooth becomes visible when we laugh or yawn. Some patients do also express concern about the use of mercury in amalgam, although this has been declared safe for most categories of patient.

Less invasive treatment

What is perhaps less well known to patients is that when a white filling is used, the dentist is usually able to remove less of the natural tooth than would be the case where an amalgam filling was placed. At The Dental Centre Bedford, we will always try to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible, and this is a great way to do just that.

Bonded fillings

The main reason that our cosmetic dentists are able to remove less of the natural tooth is that, unlike amalgam, white fillings actually bind to the natural tooth. This not only means that less natural tooth needs to be removed, but that there is less chance of future decay around the filling. Amalgam fillings will shrink very gradually over time and this can leave tiny gaps around the edges of the filling. As bacteria and tiny pieces of food become lodged in there, further decay may follow. By using white fillings, this problem should not occur.

White fillings are just one of the cosmetic treatments that we are pleased to provide at our dental clinic here in Bedford. Whilst some of these procedures offer predominantly aesthetic benefits, such as teeth whitening; others, like cosmetic fillings, offer other benefits too. Why not call The Dental Centre Bedford for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to see how we can help you? Please call us today on 01234 819868.