General Family Dentistry

General Family Dentistry

Preventative and restorative treatment for our Bedford patients.

Whilst more and more patients are seeking out cosmetic dental procedures to help them create a great smile; most dental visits are more routine, but also essential to keep both teeth and gums healthy for the whole family.

At the Dental Centre Bedford we welcome patients, young and old, and in this blog we take a look at the various techniques and treatments we use to help you keep your oral health in good condition.

Preventative care

The most important aspect of dental care is preventative. Regular (usually six monthly) checks are recommended so that we can examine your teeth and gums and offer advice as to how you, the patient, can care for them better. In some cases, minor treatment, such as a small filling may be needed. Unfortunately, too many people don’t see their local dentist as regularly as this, and a gap of a year or more could mean that the restoration needed would be more significant, resulting perhaps in a much larger filling, a dental crown or even a tooth extraction in the worst case.


Our hygienist, Hilary Sinclair, is available for appointments,  and her key role is in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Education plays an important part in this and patients may be offered advice on how to brush their teeth more effectively along with how to use dental floss or an interdental brush. Even the best home cleaning though is likely to miss spots of built up tartar (hardened gingival bacteria), and, if ignored, this could lead to more advanced gum problems such as periodontitis (which we will cover in a future blog). Regular visits to Hilary though, means that she will be able to clean this professionally for you, using a gentle procedure known as a  scale and polish.


Whilst we hope that patients manage to avoid the need for dental treatment, sometimes this is necessary, such as in the case previously mentioned. Should you need treatment at our Bedford dental practice, you can be assured that you are in the best of hands. Our friendly team will treat you in a calm and courteous manner, helping you to relax whether you need a simple filling or something more extensive such as a dental crown or perhaps an implant.

Child friendly

Good oral health begins in childhood, and ensuring that children see a dentist from an early age will help them to get into good habits. Claims have also been made that young children who see a dentist are more likely to continue to do so in their later life and are less likely to suffer from anxiety. Whether you are young or old, have healthy teeth and gums or are having problems with them, we welcome new patients at The Dental Centre Bedford. We are sure that you will find us friendly and welcoming, in addition to the skills and experience that we bring to your local dental practice.

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