Same Day Crowns And Bridges

Same Day Crowns And Bridges

No more inconvenient waiting times for our Bedford patients.

Dental crowns are often used to restore a tooth that has become badly decayed or broken. They are also used  to complete a root canal procedure or dental implant placement and offer a good level of strength and function. However, they also have to be produced on an individual basis, and impressions can only be taken when the tooth has been prepared in readiness for the crown to be attached.

This means, in most cases, that once impressions have been taken of the prepared tooth, there is a wait of a week or two whilst the impressions are sent to a dental laboratory for the new crown to be manufactured.

Temporary solutions

Whilst a patient’s prepared tooth will usually be protected using a temporary crown during the waiting period, this may not be as comfortable as the final restoration and may look a little different to your natural teeth. Whilst we do our best to match the shade and shape of your teeth when fitting a temporary crown, this can never match the aesthetics and functionality of a custom made dental crown. Having a temporary crown also means that a second visit to the practice is necessary to remove it and attach the new crown.


At The Dental Centre Bedford, we are pleased to offer our patients new dental crowns at the same appointment that has been made to prepare the tooth. This is done through the use of our excellent CEREC technology.

Instead of the traditional impressions, which some people find uncomfortable, we are able to take impressions digitally. These are then sent to a computerised milling system within the practice where your crown is produced from a single block of porcelain. This process generally takes about one hour and you are free to relax in our waiting room or go for a stroll if you prefer whilst you wait.

Once the new crown has been produced, it will be attached in the usual way to your tooth, using a strong dental glue. Once this has been done and the dentist is satisfied with your new crown, your procedure is complete.

Dental bridges

The same technology can also be used for those who require a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth or teeth. To do this, exactly the same process is used and your bridge can be fitted in a single appointment at our Bedford practice. Increasingly, studies are showing that crowns and bridges produced using CEREC offer more strength than laboratory produced ones and are likely to have a longer life too.

To have a crown or dental bridge fitted in just a single visit, using CEREC, please call The Dental Centre Bedford on 01234 819868.