Cerec Restorations

Cerec Restorations

Producing crowns and bridges onsite makes for speedy treatment.

When you need to have a crown fitted, or to replace a missing tooth with a bridge, this usually involves two trips to your local dentist.

The first of these is to prepare the tooth or teeth and to have impressions taken of them. The second is usually a week or more later when the restorations have been returned to the practice, having been produced at a dental laboratory from the impressions that were taken.

This time period can be frustrating for patients. Not only does it mean that a temporary restoration will need to be fitted to protect the prepared tooth, but also it means that another appointment is needed, with perhaps time needing to be taken from work or other important business.

For your convenience

At our Bedford dental practice, we are pleased to offer a much faster solution for preparing crowns and bridges in the form of Cerec. This is a computerised system that allows us to produce both crowns and bridges within our own facilities. This means that once your teeth have been prepared to accept the crown, or bridge, you have only approximately one hour to wait before your restorations are ready to be fitted. Our comfortable waiting rooms provide a relaxing space for this and you may wish to bring some form of entertainment such as book or music player with you to help pass the time.


Whilst the fitting of the crown or bridge should cause no discomfort, some patients really dislike having impressions taken of their teeth when having treatment for a crown or bridge. By using Cerec produced crowns, this step is avoided and, instead, 3D scans are taken of the teeth. These are then passed to the computerised system and the restoration is then prepared from a single block of porcelain or ceramic. If you would like to see how this is done, there is a useful (albeit speeded up) short video on the Cerec page of our website.

Longer and stronger?

As if the ‘next to no wait’ benefit is not enough, a number of reports have indicated that not only are Cerec produced crowns more convenient from a time perspective, but also quite possibly stronger and longer lasting than laboratory produced crowns. This is obviously beneficial to patients of The Dental Centre Bedford and will hopefully provide additional confidence in their new teeth restorations. Using this technology and the skills of our local dental team, we always endeavour to provide the best results possible for our patients.

If you would like to find out more about this time saving system, or are looking for a dentist in Bedfordshire to guide you back to better oral health, please call The Dental Centre Bedford on 01234 819868 to arrange an initial appointment with one of our dentists.